Pointless rant

I have observed with my mild irritation at the current argument doing the media - can we compare the national rugby and football teams?

The argument invariably starts and ends with protagonists pointing out the similarities/differences. To what end? It's like farting in the wind, totally inconsequential.

What should be asked is whether the recent Springbok victory at the Rugby World Cup provides any lessons for the national football team - especially because both tasted victory and glory during the 1995/1996 periods (Rugby World Cup and African Cup of Nations), followed by a downward spiral for both afterwards. SA rugby appears to have resurrected itself, while football is yet to turn the corner.

Here are a few lessons:

l The football head honchos need to learn the importance of continuity and consistency.

l The Springbok players sing the national anthem with gusto, and play with sheer determination and utter commitment. Can we say the same about the Bafana Bafana players?

l Rugby fans also argue over squad selections, but I have yet to see them boo our players.

Jabu Nkosi, Benoni