Bid to curb classroom shortage

Michael Sakuneka

Michael Sakuneka

The Modjadji Royal Council has embarked on a drive to assist schools in the Bolobedu area that have a shortage of classrooms and other study facilities.

The initiative is part of the council's social responsibility to its community. This follows after the royal council came up with a programme that include a fund-raising programme and a request for facilities from private donors in the country and abroad.

This is aimed at assisting the department of education in the province in its effort to reduce the classroom backlog.

The Chairperson of the Modjadji Royal Council, Billy Molokwane, pictured, said there are several schools in the Modjadji area that have already benefited from this programme. He said the latest is Manoko Secondary School at Meidingen Village near Ga-Kgapane township. The school previously had only one block of classrooms, but additional classrooms were built for the school, after intervention by the Royal council.

However, Molokwane explained that the council is aware that there are still many schools in the Bolobedu area where children are still attending lessons under trees or in overcrowded classrooms.

"We have decided to introduce this campaign after we realised that the government is important for the success of our democracy," Molokwane said.

Molokwane appealed to schools experiencing shortage of classrooms to join hands with the Royal council so that together "we may deal with the situation".