Bafana Bafana is a great name

Why the fuss about Bafana Bafana, Mr President?

Why the fuss about Bafana Bafana, Mr President?

Safety and security, unemployment, segregation in business and the health department are real problems.

Whites are calling the ANC government their government, but I am black like you. It is my government and I love it, but bring back unity in the ANC. And what's going on between you and JZ?

Why didn't you groom a successor? If you have, who is it? Why is the ANC divided on the issue?

Our education system is still poor. My son in Grade 5 in Mpumalanga still can't greet me in English, but my other son who is in a "white school" can hold a conversation with any Westerner.

The all-white rugby final in France looked as if it was South Africa back in 1995. Mr President I love you and God knows it, but don't interfere with Bafana Bafana's name. It is our pride. We are not Western and don't want an English name. We love the name, just as we love you.

Sports must be left to the right people and must be divorced from politics. Safa is stalling because of politics. Privatise Safa and the PSL and we will be progressing. Political appointments or those with political links have killed sports. The name Bafana Bafana must stay.

Khelane Ndwandwe, Johannesburg