Sowetan is a great newspaper

I'm a fan of Sowetan, including the on-line version. This is because of the great articles and unbiased analyses, as well as reporting.

I was blown away by Sello Rabothata's article "English can cry for another 20 years - who cares".

This is one of the greatest articles I've ever read. I am a journalist with the Botswana government newspaper.

I liked it when Rabothata maintained a fair and neutral approach to all the events he stated in his article.

You see I received my degree at the University of Port Elizabeth, so my experience is that most black students have a negative attitude towards anything "white".

With all due respect, I think people must move on and give credit where it is due. The name Springbok will always be engraved in South African history, whether it has apartheid connotations or not.

It beats me that more than a decade after freedom, the Springbok is still an issue.

I also don't get why they say the rugby team should be representative of the demographics of the nation, when clearly the issue should be that rugby lessons should be conducted at so-called underprivileged communities.

I agree with you on the meaninglessness of the name South Africa. There's nothing South African about it.

Abel, Botswana