Shootings puzzle cops

Mary Papayya

Mary Papayya

Police yesterday stepped up their investigations into the random drive-by shootings at Hillcrest, outside Durban, that left a teenager dead and a woman motorist seriously injured.

By yesterday afternoon they had confirmed that the suspect was travelling in a white minibus taxi with an NT registration. The vehicle has tinted windows. The suspect is said to be a black male aged between 30 and 40 years.

In the first incident, teenager Calvin Boreham, 17, was shot dead last Thursday evening. The driver of the minibus allegedly pulled up alongside the family car in which Calvin, his mother and brother were travelling and shot him in the chest.

An hour later, Hammarsdale resident Faith Sibeko was attacked in a similar fashion, also by someone in a white minibus. She is fighting for her life at a Durban hospital. Within hours of the incident, a third motorist escaped unharmed after she came under attack in the same way.

The incidents have left local residents terrified and rumours of a suspected "serial shooter" on the loose is causing further worry, according to Hillcrest Community Information Centre spokesman Dave Jones.