Furniture store agrees to replace sofas

OK Furniture has done right by an aggrieved customer.

OK Furniture has done right by an aggrieved customer.

David Mokhuwane earlier complained that the store had sold him defective sofas and did not want to rectify the problem.

Mokhuwane bought the sofas for R7644 and paid for them in instalments within a year.

When the sofas were delivered, he noticed that they were not the same as those he had seen in the shop.

He said it was obvious that the two-seater sofas were not new. He called OK and the store agreed to replace them.

But six months passed before the company collected the sofas.

Mokhuwane said that he was stressed because of the tension the situation caused between his wife and himself.

His children referred him to Consumer Line, and finally there will be peace in the Mokhuwane home because OK Furniture will replace the sofas.

Mokhuwane said after OK collected the sofas, the store accused him of causing the damage, but he insists he was not responsible.

Paul Fairhead of OK Furniture contacted Mokhuwane and told him to choose new sofas from their Randfontein branch.

Fairhead said that OK is a strong advocate of good customer care and always keeps clients happy.

He said that he regretted that Mokhuwane had to seek help from Consumer Line to have his problem solved.

But Mokhuwane was not the only dissatisfied OK customer.

Malada Mhlanga of Palm Springs in Gauteng bought a brand new Defy freezer from OK but meat she had bought and put in the freezer rotted.

Mhlanga said she bought half a cow for her daughter's 21st birthday party. She put the meat in the freezer and went off for the Easter holidays.

On her return home, there was a terrible stench.

OK tried to repair the freezer but had to replace it because it could not be fixed.

But the manager who undertook to lodge the claim for the cost of the meat did not do so.

"He left the Randfontein branch," said Mhlanga.

Fairhead contacted Defy on Mhlanga's behalf.