Kwaito star goes toothless

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Kwaito sensation Nomasonto Maswangai, aka Mshoza, is losing her teeth.

Mshoza surprised many when she recently showed up at a Queen of Dance event without front teeth.

She coyly covered her mouth with her hand throughout the show.

The kwaito fireball said she lost her teeth "because of an infection". Her problems started in 2001 with a severe toothache.

A dentist later told her she had picked up an infection in her mouth and her problem was compounded by a minor car accident.

Mshoza said part of her problem was getting old.

"I admit I did not take good care of my teeth while I was growing up. This has cost me dearly. I now look like an old woman."

Mshoza said she had recorded most of her tracks without her front teeth.

She is due to get dentures in the next few days."My teeth are very sensitive. I have a feeling that I will have to take out the whole set. I guess I'm getting old," said the musician. Vuyiswa Ndlala, a dentist in Nelson Mandela Complex, said Mshoza was suffering from a gum disease.