Komphela sings for supper at Safa

Those who think Steve Komphela, the beleaguered coach of the national Under-23 squad, will part company with Safa might think again.

The singing sensation is set to secure a lucrative offer from Safa, thanks to his ability to sing.

Molefi Oliphant, Safa president, is said to have been impressed by Komphela's voice after he saved the country from possible embarrassment when he sung the national anthem before the South Africa-Ghana 2008 Beijing Olympics qualifier in Accra last weekend.

Oliphant, we are told, immediately summoned Komphela to his office upon his arrival from Ghana to commend him.

Usuzwile Mkhozi has picked up that the conversation between the two went like this:

Oliphant: Steve, I must commend you for saving us from a possible embarrassment in Ghana. Mfana we were all impressed with your singing talent.

Komphela: Thanks boss for your complements.

Oliphant: Look Steve, though I can't guarantee that you will continue to be the U-23 coach after we failed to qualify for Beijing, but what I can assure you is that you will still be part of Safa as our singer.

Komphela: I will gladly be available for this assignment and I will work hard to perfect my voice.

Oliphant: But we need to sign a contract that will run beyond the 2010 World Cup because the way you sing we can lose you to other national teams like rugby.

Komphela: This job is not that demanding and I'm prepared to sign a lifetime contract with you.

Oliphant: The problem with this job, though, is that you will only be called when our national teams play. Are you happy with this arrangement?

Komphela: You see boss, my love for Safa is indisputable and if this arrangement means that I remain part of the association, it's fine with me.

Oliphant: I'm delighted by your keenness to accept the contract and will inform all the executive members of Safa about your willingness to accept this offer. I don't think they will have a problem. They all heard you sing in Accra and I can tell you that they were impressed. I'm told even Chicco [Sello Twala] was impressed.

Komphela: I really can't wait to start my new job. Please also consider me if you need a dancer. My bike riding and singing are nothing compared to my dancing, Bra Oli.

Oliphant:Jwale wa pota!