Property cocktail lectures a success

Aucor together with Commercial & Industrial Property News of the Malnorm Magazine group have embarked on a novel concept to help advise and inform the greater public on property-related matters.

Each quarter the two companies merge databases and make efforts to help raise awareness and understanding of movements in the property market, and offer tangible insights related to commercial, industrial, residential land and investment.

"Our focus when we started this project was to bring information to our clients in an entertaining way, offering them keynote speakers whose daily activities involve in-depth dealings with the property market," comments Aucor general manager Ariella Kuper. "Hosting our lectures at the JSE followed by wine and cheese gives an opportunity for informal networking and discussion of the related content with the individuals directly."

Held each quarter, key speakers this year have included John Loos, economist for FNB's property division; Prof Francois Viruly, property economist of Viruly Consulting; and Ken Reynolds, property specialist at Nedbank's Corporate Finance division. The main drive is to grow familiarity of the market among new and seasoned property players.

"Often, those in the know take for granted their strategic knowledge, but for many first-time investors, property agents and corporate employees offer financial services. This information is both vital and useful in guiding their decision-making processes. The calibre of questions asked prove this is working," said Kuper.

With an average attendance of between 80 to 100 people, this venture has certainly proved itself a roaring success. Numbers keep growing as the invitation is extended to everyone regardless of field. The JSE is the perfect location as it offers the professional ambience in line with the genre of these cocktail evenings.

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