Insurance differs from car to car

Xolile Bhengu

Xolile Bhengu

You might want to reconsider splashing out on a brand new neon green or jet black car.

Insurers say buying a red, yellow, white or silver car can positively influence your insurance premium.

Automobile Association insurance spokesman Gary Ronald said the four colours had been proven to be cheaper to maintain and more visible, making them less likely to be involved in collisions in bad weather conditions.

Ronald said that another good idea was to call a potential insurer for possible premium payments, based on the risk profiling in the country and maintenance costs.

"Most insurers are happy to give you a quote on a premium. But shop around for the best one for you.

"It makes good sense to take top cover because of inevitable outcomes that could leave you with a huge bill. The book value of your car depreciates every month and top cover pays for the book and not actual value of the car."

Hollard spokesman Zuriel Naiker said although not all eventualities could be covered, fitting a tracking system in your vehicle made a difference to payments.

Hollard recently announced a decision to stop covering Golf 1's made between 2004 and last year.

It said the decision was made as it had become too costly for the company to insure the cars, which were reported to be prone to theft. The insurer said it was avoiding an unfair increase in premiums of all clients. The existing 2000 customers will continue to be covered.

The Volkswagen Citi Golf 1 retails at R70900 to R109600, making it a favourite for first time car buyers.