Copyright your designs from thieves

You are only as good as your last design in the fashion industry

You are only as good as your last design in the fashion industry

Many fashion businesses and designers do not make enough money because they don't protect their designs and ideas, and their designs are copied.

To cut it in this industry, it is vital to register designs and ideas.

Because of the short life-span of designs, many designers and businesses are reluctant to register them.

The life-span of designs is between six and 12 months and many in the trade, especially emerging designers and businesses, think registration is a waste of time and money.

Others don't register because they are not sure if it is going to last. It is true that fashion trends come and go, but it is also a fact that some become classics forever.

Many people are not aware of the benefits of registering and protecting designs.

Protecting your designs does not only discourage copyright thieves from using your designs, it can also be used as a competitive tool.

It is crucial to be innovative and to protect your innovation to stand out from the rest.

World-renowned designer Coco Chanel realised this in the 1930s and said: "To be irreplaceable one must always be different."

And it is only through protected innovation that you can remain different. You can never be different if you allow unscrupulous thieves to steal your designs. Counterfeit goods are so similar to originals that buyers hardly notice the difference.

Registering is also handy in enhancing the value of your business with investors and financial institutions.