BMW 335i is a masterpiece

Mabuyane Kekana

Mabuyane Kekana

I don't know if it is a bad or good sign if your neighbour shows interest in your life, especially in suburban South Africa.

In Mamelodi, Pretoria, where I lived for most of my life, everyone knew everything about everyone. Most of us can relate to that, though it was not always pretty.

When my neighbour in Centurion confessed that he's been watching me, I had mixed feelings, but then I remembered that it happens all the time in townships and rural areas. However, my neighbour was watching me out of curiosity.

He told me he had questions that have been burning inside him for some time.

Before you get ideas, I was not really the reason he spoke to me, but the car parked in my driveway, the BMW 335i Convertible. He drives an older BMW 323i (1990s). There is no doubt that he is a BMW man. However, he said some fascinating things. He jokingly said he even contemplated calling the Scorpions.

Before he said that, he had introduced himself as Leroy and declared his love, not for me, but for the car I was testing.

The gorgeous 335i Convertible proved there is no way you can ignore it, even if you don't like its driver.

He clearly saw me putting the roof down and got envious - or jealous. He asked why I had a different car every week. I smiled and told him what I do.

He continued asking about the features of the 335i Convertible, and I was more than happy to provide him with the answers. I told Leroy that the 335i Convertible is carrying under its bonnet a straight-six petrol engine with Twin Turbo and direct fuel injection, producing power output of 225kW and torque of 400Nm.

He asked if I was not scared of speed. I told him it depends on the situation.

With the three roof elements folding conveniently into the luggage compartment and presenting minimum space requirements, the new model continues the low shoulder-line so typical of a BMW 3 series convertible, complete with its low-slung rear section.

The short front overhang, long engine compartment lid and long wheelbase also enhance the impression of stretched dynamism, combining these unique lines with powerful shapes and contours to give this elegant 4-seater a truly thrilling look of sportiness and style.

The car transforms into something special in less than 24 seconds.

It was my most enjoyable girl-test in a long time. Your passengers, in the meantime, will not feel left out in the 335i Convertible. On the road, this car is as solid as a rock.

The side panel areas display a smooth and sweeping flow extending from the dashboard all the way to the backrests on the two rear seats. The centre console also extends all the way to the rear, serving as a storage compartment between the two single seats.

As for my friend who thinks that the only beautiful car is a BMW Convertible, she was gobsmacked.