Possibly used condom mixed with beverage

Canaan Mdletshe

Canaan Mdletshe

Mduduzi Mncwango, a Pongolo, northern Zululand municipality employee, got the shock of his life yesterday morning when he bought a litre of his favourite amahewu - he found a used condom in the container.

He noticed the condom after "I took a sip and nearly swallowed the condom".

Mncwango, 37, a father of five, said he buys amahewu and yoghurt every morning before going to work. Yesterday was no different except his first sip of his favourite drink was accompanied "by a used condom".

"The condom was not in its wrapper. It must have been thrown in after being used. I got such a shock and went straight to the police station," said Mncwango.

Speaking from the Pongolo police station where he went to make an affidavit, Mncwango said he was very embarrassed.

"I bought amahewu at a local supermarket as usual at about 8.10am and went to work. I had one sip and realised that the amahewu did not taste as fresh as usual. I thought the amahewu tasted a bit sour, as if it had expired," he said.

Mncwango, a technical supervisor at the local municipality, said he checked the expiry date that showed the amahewu had indeed expired in December.

"I am deeply hurt. I am not feeling well. I feel so ashamed, especially now that my colleagues are laughing at me. They actually make me feel like an outcast," he complained.

He said when he went back to the store to show them what he has discovered, staff told him that the manager would only be available tomorrow.

"They showed a lot of remorse. I don't blame them because they have nothing to do with what was inside the carton. I am still weighing up my legal options," he said.

Mncwango yesterday went to a doctor as he was not feeling well after drinking his amahewu. Police in Pongolo confirmed that Mncwango made an affidavit about his gruesome discovery.

Acting manager at the supermarket from which Mncwango bought his amahewu, Constance Dumisa, confirmed that she personally saw the carton had a condom inside.

Dumisa said they normally ordered amahewu from a company in Ermelo, but they have since stopped.

"I advised the customer to wait for our manager, who will only be available on Wednesday [tomorrow], but in the meantime, we have suspended all our orders.

"We have also taken all the stock of that brand of amahewu off our shelves until our manager returns. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused," said Dumisa.