'Use death penalty to avenge killing'

Riot Hlatshwayo

Riot Hlatshwayo

The untimely death of internationally renowned South African reggae legend, Lucky Dube, touched many hearts including that of Ziyaphenduka promotions boss, Bruce Kgapane.

Kgapane, mostly based in Mpumalanga although his promotions company operates all over South Africa, said Dube's death was a tremendous loss to the entertainment industry and the business world at large.

"This is also a wake-up call to our government to consider bringing the death penalty back because an eye for an eye could result in criminals thinking twice before taking anyone's life," said Kgapane.

"The police are doing their job but that does not help because our justice system is weak, which is an advantage to criminals as they usually walk free from the courts," Kgapane added.

Meanwhile, nearly every household, tavern, shebeen, taxi driversand partygoer have been playing Dube's songs everywhere since the news of his death broke.