To retire in style or travel the world?

Angela Graham

Angela Graham

A recent email outlined the costs of retirement homes today versus the cost of cruising around the world. It said cruising was cheaper, which seemed too good to be true, so I set about finding out if the email was right and if I could begin packing for my nonstop world cruise in 2035.

My first stop was to see what was available in terms of retirement homes and I was pleasantly surprised. I found a luxury retirement estate online that seemed wonderful and I called the number on the website ( to find out more.

I was put through to Eddie Luck who told me that the Oasis Luxury Retirement Resort was a R500million investment and the first of its kind in the country.

Prices range from R1,2million for a one-bedroom apartment, to about R1,9million for a good sized two-bedroom place. Penthouses sell quickly for about R4,4million.

It was time to find out how cruising compared. I approached Sabrina Allcock at Discover the World Marketing.

She says travellers can choose to go to sea for seven days up to 107 days - depending on how much time they have.

Allcock says the 2009 World Cruise is now booking at a cost of R167000 a person for an inside cabin and R220000 a person for a balcony cabin. The cruise takes 107 days, starting in the USA and ending in Italy.

The Lifestyle Village option may work out cheaper in the long run if you live a long life, but then again it would be great to stare in wonder at a different part of the world every morning.