CPF wants Cele to help arrest rapist

Mhlaba Memela

Mhlaba Memela

Residents of Hlathi Dam near Nqutu, KwaZulu-Natal, are urging transport, community safety and liaison MEC Bheki Cele to arrest a local man they suspect of being responsible for a murder and a spate of rapes.

Pensioner Gladys Mvimbi, 89, was raped and murdered in her home last week.

Women in the area say they are worried that the rapist who killed Mvimbi will strike again.

A man was released on bail after he allegedly raped a nine-year-old girl in the area. They claim the man allegedly targeted Mvimbi because she had made it known that the man had repeatedly raped her.

Nkosinathi Xaba, chairman of the local community policing forum said the community was outraged by the murder.

"Police have done nothing to assist the community. The man in question was allegedly released a day before Mvimbi was murdered. Police did not tell us who is investigating this case.

"They have failed to recognise the existence of the CPF. We need MEC Cele to come and help police understand the importance of the CPF," Xaba said.

Mary Leppens, spokesman for The Association for the Aged said the increase in abuse of elderly people was worrying.

"Leaders need to protect the old and vulnerable. They must also ensure that they deal with perpetrators," she said.

Leppens said it was important for the public to unite in this campaign.

"We need to value our elderly people because they need to be protected. We need to educate society about the importance of our elderly people.

"Society seems to have lost respect for our elderly.

"The youth need to be educated to care and respect the elderly because young people also abuse them.

"Young people need to follow in the footsteps of leaders like Biko and Mandela. They must respect the elderly people and themselves too," Leppens said.

Captain Shooz Magudulela said police were investigating the murder of the elderly woman. He urged the community to come forward with more "tangible" information. He said no evidence linking the suspect to the murder had been given to them.