Insiders claim staff exodus

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

SABC1 has been rocked by the exodus of senior staff since Ray Nkwe took over the reins as general manager 16 months ago, say sources at the channel.

The latest person to join the exodus is brand manager Tumi Rabanye. Rabanye was part of the marketing team credited with creating the new brand position Mzansi Fo Sho.

Her last day at work was on Friday last week.

A source close to the situation says Rabanye is the 11th manager to leave the channel under Nkwe, who took over from Romeo Kumalo.

Her resignation comes after two other brand managers, Nondumiso Ngobese and Mpho Msiza transferred to other departments within the SABC.

The source added that Nkwe is a very difficult boss to work for, which is why there are so many resignations.

"Everybody was motivated during Romeo's tenure. We all understood the strategic direction of the channel. Our morale is extremely low. Everyone is looking for a better opportunity so that they can leave before they are fired."

Another source said Nkwe's managers were rude.

He said they used swear words during meetings and when talking to the staff.

"My line manager uses the f-word when addressing me and other members of our team, but Nkwe does not say anything about it when we complain because he uses those words himself," he said.

Nkwe told Sowetan that the allegations that 11 people had resigned because of him "were rubbish".

"People's departures have nothing to do with the leadership but with the new environment not presenting itself to meet the expectation of the old staff. These people did not report to me. Thabile Dlamini is the only person who has resigned who reported directly to me. She resigned because she was promoted."