Fill up car and enjoy the ride

Whether we like it or not, the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) project is doing wonders on our Gauteng roads. I travel on the Ben Schoeman Highway from Pretoria to Sandton every day and I wish the initiative was permanent.

My colleagues and I have teamed up to establish a lift club and it now takes us an hour or less to get to work. We have been doing this for a while and it is working well.

The people complaining are those travelling solo who are not willing to assist others with transport. Conversely, others travelling alone say the traffic is flowing much better than usual.

I would encourage people to form lift clubs because not only will you benefit from the HOV project, you will reduce your car's mileage if two or three of you have cars.

My only concern about the HOV project is that we are allowed to drive on the shoulder lane and that poses a challenge at the on-ramps and off-ramps. One needs to be extremely careful at those turn-offs because some people are impatient.

I salute the Metro cops who give out traffic fines to non-complying motorists. They are making sure we abide by the law.

If the project does not get to be permanent, at least let it be done once every month so we all enjoy the ride.

Paseka Maleka, Pretoria