Beauty is her trade

Lorraine Lolo Mvubu. © Unknown.
Lorraine Lolo Mvubu. © Unknown.

Loraine Lolo Mvubu from Alexandra, east of Johannesburg, was determined to become a beauty therapist.

Although she says she once thought of becoming a journalist, the desire soon faded when she realised that her passion and heart were in the beauty industry.

Mvubu is the proud owner of Loraine Beauty Spot in 11th Avenue, Alexandra. She runs her business from her family home. Her parents, who are also in business, live in Savoy, south of Johannesburg.

In 2004, Mvubu did a one-year course in beauty therapy at the International Academy of Health and Skin Care in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

The course included manicure, pedicure, waxing, make-up, eyebrow shaping and nail application.

Mvubu says her grandmother Maki financed her. She renovated the house and included a beautiful studio. She currently works on her own.

"I initially wanted to do a course in massage, but decided against it after realising there was much more I could do by doing an inclusive course in beauty therapy," says Mvubu.

Many of her female clients normally come to her for nail treatments and to shape their eyebrows.

But Mvubu says there are also a few male clients who have regular pedicures and manicures.

To ensure that her business accommodates both sexes, Mvubu, who is in her early twenties, says she is planning to introduce hair treatment for men.

"It would be nice to have more male clients coming to my beauty studio. I want to accommodate both sexes," says Mvubu.

Vocalist Nkiyase, of the kwaito group Malabulabu, is one of Mvubu's many clients.

She says she loves her work because she gets to meet so many people from different parts of Gauteng.

"I have met so many people from different backgrounds in the province.

"At the end of the day, it makes me happy to know I have made someone feel good with my service," says Mvubu.

Mvubu says she is able to make a comfortable living out of her beauty profession.

"I will never complain," Mvubu says.