Little girl does not laugh, nor does she play with her friends any more

Sibongile Mashaba

Sibongile Mashaba

All day long she lies on her bed next to her one-year-old sister.

She does not laugh anymore, nor does she play with her friends in the street like she used to.

Life has come to a traumatic standstill for this six-year-old Mofolo, Soweto, girl.

On August 19, a man she did not know abducted her while she was happily playing with her friends outside her home.

For the next two days, Paul Mokgomane Mofokeng, 26, repeatedly raped the little girl in his shack.

Mofokeng, who has appeared in court, confessed to kidnapping and sexually assaulting the child.

He left her outside her parents' house at 3am, scarred and bleeding.

A gynaecologist who examined the child said she needed an operation. But it could only be performed on November 10, after her injuries had healed.

The Grade 1 pupil cannot be named, to protect her identity.

She has not been going to school regularly since the incident because she is constantly ill, and still bleeding.

Her mother said: "My daughter's life is ruined. She has missed so much work at school and I have decided that she must not go any more.

"The last time I went to the school I was told that she was doing well, but was way behind with her work."

The mother said that it had not been easy for her and that she needed help and a job.

"I am unemployed and things have not been easy for me since my three children's father died in March.

"The grant money I get is used to pay the rent for the backyard room and to buy paraffin. Any job will do," she said.

Mofokeng will appear again in the Protea magistrate's court on November 14.