'Please, Thembi, pay me what you owe'

hosts Jika Majika. © Unknown.
COME PRANCING: Thembi Seete hosts Jika Majika. © Unknown.

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Eleven months after actress Thembi Seete promised to pay a man who claimed to be her former live-in lover, she is yet to hand him a single cent.

Tebogo Ramokgadi claims Seete, pictured, owes him thousands of rands for taking care of her while she was down and out.

"I paid her bond and electricity and also fed her. She promised me that when things go well, she would pay me back. She also promised to help me further my music career, but all the promises went down the drain after she clinched a deal with Zone 14."

Ramokgadi says Seete had not been answering his phone calls and had also refused to talk to him.

However, Seete yesterday described Ramokgadi as a pest and flatly denied that she had had a relationship with him. "He is a child for God's sake. He was my brother's friend. I'm not even going to entertain him. He is non-existent in my life. This is not the first time he has tried to besmirch my name in the media."

About his claims that he paid her bond, Seete said: "I asked him to pay my electricity bill when I was away for a week. This boy is crazy."

Ramokgadi said he had been communicating with Seete through her mother. "Her mother knows about this, and my family is also seeking legal advice about this matter as we speak."