ANC-IFP squabbles 'cause of non-delivery of services'

Mhlaba Memela

Mhlaba Memela

University of KwaZulu-Natal political analyst, Zakhele Ndlovu, has called on the ANC and IFP leaders to get tough with lazy councillors and hold all elected officials accountable to their constituencies.

He said if parties did not work together in this challenge, rural areas would suffer.

Ndlovu was responding to the recent political tensions between ANC and IFP supporters in northern KwaZulu-Natal that is hampering service delivery in many rural communities.

"The biggest problem we are facing is that our elected officials are not accountable to the people they serve.

"And the lack of service delivery is a national problem.

"The only way to hold people responsible is to change our electoral system to ensure that councillors, MECs and ministers are accountable to their constituencies." said Ndlovu.

He said KwaZulu-Natal could not afford to have people who demand membership cards before providing services to the people.

"IFP and ANC leadership in the province need to come to some form of agreement to ensure councillors serve the people," he said.

Ndlovu said many councillors did not work for the people because they only wanted to impress the party leaders who put them in their positions.

"Voters are powerless, and it's a serious problem. Councillors should do their job properly without focusing on their political affiliation.

"The government is meaningless unless it impacts positively on the lives of the people," said Ndlovu

'Councillors should do their job properly without focusing on their political affiliation'