That is the soapie question

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Is he going to die or not?

Producers of soapie Generations refuse to say. They say he could die, suffer an incurable disease be comatose.

Generations has gripped soapie fans. With the controversial Mashaba family plot finally reaching a dangerous climax, viewers are spellbound and tongues are wagging rather wildly.

People are divided on the poisoning fiasco. Some feel Kenneth deserved to be poisoned after he treated Dineo the way he did, while others feel Dineo is a heartless bitch who must be jailed.

Trouble started when Kenneth caught his wife and son, Thomas, making out.

He threw both of them out of the Mashaba mansion and stripped her of everything she owned, including her job. The two lovebirds, who were both Kenneth's dependents, decided to live together.

The relationship did not have a happy ending as Thomas left. To cut a long story short, Dineo managed to get her way back to Kenneth's arms. But this has proved a bad choice.

All has not been well in the Mashaba mansion. Dineo has been relegated to a zombie that has no say on anything, including her own life.

Kenneth has been anything but a good husband. He has cut his wife into pieces with his sarcasm. On top of it he is using Grace in his tactical ploys.

The last straw was putting a hidden camera that monitored Dineo's every movement.

Back to the poisoning debate.

While many viewers sympathise with Dineo, sighting emotional and verbal abuse, others are disgusted by her action.

They say the motive for Dineo's actions was her greed over his millions.

"Dineo was pushed to the limit. Kenneth got what he deserves. We have plenty of Mashabas around," said Siphokazi Ngebulana, a regular Generations viewer.

But another viewer, Honey Mofokeng, is totally disgusted by Dineo's action.

"Our wives will get ideas and start poisoning us. I pray that Kenneth won't die and I hope Dineo will be thrown into jail and the key will be thrown into the sea."

Whatever the case, it will be interesting to see how the story ends.