Stars bright in our eyes

It's good to know that celebrities have their bad hair and dress days too.

It's good to know that celebrities have their bad hair and dress days too.

Just like all of us, they sometimes emerge looking worse than Madam Notre Dame. Celine Dion, in her horrendous back-to-front outfit, continues to make television appearances in it, ten years after she took a beating for it.

Some have covered impressive fashion ground while the likes of Vuyo Mokoena and Rebecca Malope continue wearing purple suits and dysfunctional hairdos like it's nobody's business.

Others, like Sbu Leope, have the ability to dress better than Kanye West and P Diddy put together, but too often choose to dress like clowns.

For the record, when it comes to their wardrobe, it's everybody's business says fashion writer Tshepang Monaheng.

"We buy their stuff and they spend our money on their images, so we have a vested interest in how celebrities strut their stuff," says Monaheng.

A charming personality can only take you so far; beyond that you had better have style.

Our number one seems to be Penny Lebyane who happens to be blessed with all the traits of the grand slam game.

Lebyane is conscious of her weight, but is not obsessed. She also knows that a wardrobe is not the alpha and omega of image.

"She has a glow that can only come with a healthy lifestyle and that by anyone's standard is beautiful," says Monaheng.

But I have often wondered what on earth happened on the night of the yellow shoes.

Unless it was a Guy Fawkes Day party, words fail me. But Lebyane seems to have found herself a long time ago and has not had any more misses. Way to go Penny.

The amazing fact though is that on the list of recipients of the hits and the misses is chart-topping model Babalwa Mneno.

Of all people she should not be here, but judging by the list of her tramp-like numbers, our hands are tied. To avoid repeating the same mistake twice, give your misses to charity Babalwa.

Her runner-up in the frock shock is Simphiwe Dana who can emerge looking like someone from outer space.

I really love Dana's poise and her feisty spirit, but her fluctuating style moves from shocking to enchanting at the drop of a hat. After the short dress though, I thought I had seen it all. The dress must definitely go.

The one contender who almost came close to snatching the worst-dressed accolade, until lightning struck, is Nhlanhla Nciza.

Call it divine intervention or pure luck, but once Nciza saw the light, she just followed it all the way to the catwalk, producing a splendid spring collection. Now that's what I call turning the tables around. If Nciza can do it, anyone can.

One celebrity who seems to have a permanent bad hair-dress day is Thwasa. Someone must have told her to remain a teenager forever.

But an image is both the face and the frock. All that celebrities need to do is to page through their old photo albums. That is the quickest and easiest way to check which hideous numbers must never see the light of day - or night.