Richard doubles trouble

Amanda Ngudle

Amanda Ngudle

What is it with devastatingly hunky Tanzanian men and their dangerous streak?

Big Brother Africa's Richard is walking on his predecessor Mwisho Mwanza's trail.

One moment he is rolling in the amour of his stolen woman's loving arms, the next he wants to kill her - if last night's one-sided argument is anything to go by.

Shortly after revealing to Tatiana that he felt bad for having let his wife down - by having sex with Tatiana at the penthouse - he has now assumed the role of a scorned lover.

And like his homeboy, Mwisho, he has to have the final word on every debate, one-sided or not. Richard keeps confronting poor Tatiana for every silly little thing, even for her endeavours in mending fences.

And the house is taking strain from the couple's never-ending qualms. Ofunneka has found herself thrice playing the mediator. She didn't have it easy either.

"Who put you in this position? Everybody has a mind of their own," she asserted to a defiant Richard.

Big Brother Africa has never been more exciting.