Criminals try to roast man

Masoka Dube

Masoka Dube

Mpumalanga police are searching for four men who allegedly tried to roast a White River security guard by bundling him into an oven used to dry tobacco on Monday morning.

The guard, Daniel Mlombo, 45, counts himself lucky that he is still alive after his attackers failed to switch on the oven.

Mlombo told police investigators that he was convinced that he was going to die but luck was on his side because the suspects did not know how to switch the oven on.

He said he could hear his assailants arguing about which button to press in order to switch the oven on. The frustrated criminals then left Mlombo in the oven and tried to break into the farmhouse.

Mpumalanga police spokesman Superintendent Abie Khoabane told Sowetan that four men arrived at the tobacco farm where Mlombo worked. Khoabane said the men instructed Mlombo to cooperate, but he tried to run away. They caught up with him and beat him up.

"They bundled him into an oven used to dry tobacco. They then tried to break into the farmhouse when a security alarm went off. The owner woke up and the criminals ran away empty handed," said Khoabane.

Workers who arrived in the morning were about to turn the oven on when they discovered Mlombo and helped him.

No arrests were made and police investigations continue.