Record 213130 pupils to write matric

Sne Masuku

Sne Masuku

Education officials in KwaZulu-Natal are confident that systems are in place for the start of today's matric examinations.

To cope with the increased numbers of pupils writing their exams, the education department had to execute its year-end examination plans with military precision.

A record number of 213130 pupils have enrolled for the school leavers' examination - an increase of 37994 candidates from last year.

More than 13million A3 sheets had to be printed for the 160 question papers that will be written.

"This process is strictly monitored by security cameras in various sections of the printing area and stringent procedures are followed to prevent leaks," said MEC Ina Cronje.

"Besides providing a police escort for the delivery of question papers, the police also play a crucial role in provincial joint committee structures, as well as securing marking centres."

She said other necessary materials have already been delivered to schools.

"It has been a bumpy year for education with the strike action disrupting schooling," said Cronje.

She commended teachers and pupils who participated in the recovery plan.

This year's matric results will be released on December 28 in Pietermaritzburg. Teacher unions in the province say they are confident that the exams will go smoothly.

What parents need to do to help their children:

l Provide a calm environment at home;

l Encourage them to study daily according to a set timetable that allows for maximum study time, with regular breaks in between;

l Exercise is an important and often neglected part of the exam routine;

l Be realistic and assist your children in setting achievable goals;

l Never underestimate a child's ability, far too many children are underachieving;

l Help your children to believe in themselves.

Tips for pupils:

l The recipe for success is hard work;

l Your personal effort and good study habits will ensure success;

l Do not panic;

l The best way to deal with the pressure and emotions you are going through is to make sure that you are well-prepared, by working hard and being dedicated;

l Do not leave studying for the last day before the exam;

l Make sure that you have covered all aspects of the syllabus - work through previous question papers;

l Interact with friends and teachers to clarify issues you don't understand;

l Eat well, get a good rest and don't get distracted.