Rape cop lied about colleague

Simon Nare

Simon Nare

A Johannesburg metro police officer who claimed to have been raped by her senior has been branded a liar and her case thrown out of court.

An investigating officer Inspector T Lawrence confirmed to Sowetan yesterday that the case against chief of internal affairs Amon Kgasago had been withdrawn by a senior prosecuting officer at the Johannesburg magistrate's court.

Lawrence, who took over the case from another investigating officer, said senior prosecutor Carina Coetzee decided to withdraw the case after weighing the facts.

She said the case was withdrawn in court yesterday.

The case was earlier postponed to Friday but after studying the facts, Coetzee decided to withdraw it due to lack of evidence.

"The complainant, was informed about the decision and the reasons why it was withdrawn,'' said Lawrence.

But the complainant is hopping mad and wants her day in court, said her friend.

"The prosecutor, who is supposed to be on her side, is colluding with the accused."