'Let the judge give his order here'

Kingdom Mabuza and Langelihle Chagwe

Kingdom Mabuza and Langelihle Chagwe

University of Johannesburg students yesterday defied a court order interdicting them from disrupting classes.

Students from various campuses converged on the Auckland Park main campus to protest against the planned 14percent increase in fees. They blocked the main entrance after security guards had denied them access to the university.

The students, who came from Soweto and Doornfontein campuses, became angry when they could not force their way on to the campus and started chanting "kill the boer, kill the RAU".

Other black students who attend classes at the main campus joined them and started chanting from behind the closed gates.

Student Representative Council (SRC), president Mhlongo Hoyi, who had been identified as the first respondent in the court order, was unshaken.

"I am not intimidated by this order. It means nothing to me and my comrades.

"Let the judge come here and hand it to me himself," said Hoyi.

Meanwhile, protests at Wits University entered their fourth day despite a council resolution condemning the behaviour of students who had intimidated university staff and disrupted academic activities.

Wits students mandated the SRC to go back to negotiations with management because they said they were not satisfied with resolutions taken during the three-day talks, said SRC president Mbali Hlophe.

Hlophe said they would not deviate from their demand to scrap the 14percent fee hike.