Is there a serial killer link?

Sne Masuku

Sne Masuku

The suspected Umzinto serial killer could be responsible for the deaths of two people whose bodies have been discovered in a tea plantation near Port St Johns.

Police are keeping the two bodies in their mortuary, while investigations continue to establish whether the bodies are linked to the suspected Umzinto serial killer.

Yesterday, Umzinto police spokesman Zandra Hechter said she was aware of the two bodies that were waiting to be taken for DNA tests.

"Two bodies, including the one that was exhumed on Friday, are in the mortuary and would be taken for DNA testing," she said.

She said a team of officers from Umzinto would be heading to Port St Johns in two weeks time to establish if the Port St Johns killings were linked to the Umzinto sugar-cane killings.

Information reaching Sowetan indicates that one of the three suspects accused of killing 10 women at Umzinto originates from Port St Johns. Hechter said the suspected serial killer could have killed a number of women there before heading for KwaZulu-Natal.

Port St Johns Police spokesman Mduduzi Godlwana said the bodies were found in the Majola Tea Estate plantations near Port St Johns.

"After the discovery of the bodies, we are investigating the possible links between the Majola Tea Estate plantation killings and Umzinto sugar-cane killings," said Godlwana.