Durandt told to cut the insults

Bongani Magasela

Bongani Magasela

Trainer Nick Durandt's insults, offensive and derogatory language against Boxing SA's licensees, including boxers, could land in him in hot water with the authorities.

"Boxing SA would like to vehemently warn Durandt to desist from using bad and offensive language against fellow licensees," said the body's no- nonsense chief executive, Bongani "Mr Fix-It" Khumalo.

"He has faced similar charges before and was heavily penalised. Boxing SA will not hesitate, if this conduct is recurring, to take serious action against him.

"Using insulting, offensive and derogatory language against any of the Boxing SA's licensees, including boxers, is totally unacceptable.

"Without taking anything away from Nick Durandt as an exceptionally good trainer-manager, he must learn to respect the boxers whether they belong to his stable or not.

"I don't need to remind him that boxers have made him what he is today. Nick has a tendency of using bad and offensive language during tournaments. This conduct should cease forthwith or he will face consequences."

Durandt's latest verbal tirade was reported in Daily Dispatchwhen he condemned referee Lulama Mtya for his alleged poor conduct during the SA lightweight title fight between Durandt's defeated boxer, Benedict Dlamini and Irvin Buhlalu.

Durandt was also quoted saying he would appeal to the IBF to have Mtya removed from the panel of officials that it has already appointed to officiate in the IBF junior lightweight eliminator between Durandt-trained Cassisu Baloyi and Australian Gary St Claire at Emperors Palace on November 12.

His remarks are viewed by Khumalo as infringing on the personal integrity of Buhlalu and Mtya.

"It will be the first time that a credible world body such as the IBF is told by a trainer-manager what to do. With respect, there is a clear distinction between duties and powers of an international boxing regulating body and those of a trainer-manager," said Khumalo.

"May I hasten to add that should Nick Durandt, by any chance, succeed to remove Mtya, BSA's rights are strictly reserved herein.

"At any rate Durandt, on good cause shown, is also free to lay a complaint to an appeal committee through BSA for the alleged serious poor performance of Mtya. To date he has not chosen to do so."

Durandt was not available for a comment. He is in Australia with Isaac Hlatswayo.