Minimum wage for domestics sees cleaning services thrive

The house and commercial cleaning business is booming. This is as a result of a law that stipulates minimum wages for domestic workers and because companies want to cut costs.

Many homeowners fired their domestic workers after the law was passed, but they still needed a service and temporary domestic workers are often unreliable.

Companies focused on internal cleaning services. Many of them outsource services to save on medical aid, insurance, UIF and provident fund contributions.

Because private homes and offices need to be cleaned, businesses providing cleaning services stepped in. Many small operators make a healthy income running house and commercial cleaning businesses.

Once you have decided and are sure that you want to start such a business, you need to think about and find answers to a whole range of questions.

Before jumping into the cleaning industry, consider where and how you will find clients. Then look at the current market rates for cleaning services.

Many cleaning businesses supplement their income by providing other services.

First determine if it will pay you to provide commercial and house-cleaning services. Hiring and keeping reliable and efficient staff is very important to your success.

The business requires little in the way of start-up and operating costs, so it has become an ideal option for new entrepreneurs and part-time workers.

You should be able to set up a flexible work schedule, which means you can keep your job while you set up the business because you are unlikely to be doing the cleaning yourself.

You need to have a good understanding of cleaning technology, a good relationship with suppliers of cleaning products and trained staff.

Don't hire too many people. The number of clients should determine your staffing, which will depend on the size and number of premises to be cleaned.

You can worry about more staff, assets and equipment as your clients increase.

As with any business, you need a proper business plan and policy. After developing a plan, think of a name that will set you apart from your competitors.

Register your business to protect your company name from being stolen. Insuring your business will ease the minds of your clients and give you peace of mind to work freely.

Your success depends on people knowing that you offer a cleaning service. So create marketing material such as brochures and business cards. These should describe your policy on work hours, work procedures, costs, how you expect to be paid and whether you, or the client, will provide the cleaning materials. Detail all the cleaning services you provide.

Find credible references by offering free or discounted services to community organisations, welfare groups or churches.

And don't forget to include your contact details in your marketing information.