Lerato reflects on her BB stay

Lerato Sengwadi. Pic. Veli Nhlapo. 03/10/07. © Sowetan.
Lerato Sengwadi. Pic. Veli Nhlapo. 03/10/07. © Sowetan.

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

Lerato Sengwadi, one of Big Brother Africa 2's most popular housemates, was booted out of the house last Sunday.

Leaving a lot of sad and disgruntled fans in her wake, Lerato, pictured above, seemed unfazed as she took her last few steps to freedom.

In fact, she was still issuing a string of instructions about the housemates talking instead of bottling things up, as well as insisting that she should not be hugged by those that had voted her out.

Bringing the Sowetan building to a standstill, she initially seemed shy and uncharacteristically quiet in huge sunglasses that failed to effectively disguise her.

"Leaving the Big Brother house was sad but I am enjoying my freedom again and adjusting to normality," she burst out, adding that she would not change anything about her stay in the house.

"Let them nosh each other," she said.

On the other housemates, Lerato says: "Ofuneka plays the game very well, staying under the radar and refusing to ruffle feathers. She has perfected the role of house mother, cleaning and tending to everyone's needs."

The Dube, Soweto, girl explained that the tension in the Big Brother house, caused by the two camps, started with Max's nomination. "I wrongfully fingered Code and that initiated tensions in the house. There would be two people talking at the table with the rest scuttling away at the first chance they get.

"There was nothing wrong with nominations because we all knew that it was going to happen. It's the manner in which people behaved afterwards that I had a problem with. If somebody had anything to say to me, then let them say it," said Lerato.

Looking elegant in her black pants outfit, Lerato said she knew she was not evicted by South Africans.

"Perhaps I was too much for some of the African countries - a confident, vocal woman who spoke her mind, smoked with the boys and drank her beer without fear.

"Justice and Jeff were predictable evictions. Justice wanted out, but Meryl, Max and myself were wrong moves.

"We were voted out by cowards who didn't have the interest of the show at heart."

She says Maureen is a clingy, needy woman and that's why she called her a spatula.

"I was closest to Meryl but I had a special relationship with Max. It's hard to label or explain it because it has not been tested out of the BB house. Time will tell," she blushes, admitting to having spoken to Max since her eviction.