Leave hang-ups at home and play at SexExpo

Amanda Ngudle

Amanda Ngudle

The SexExpo 2007 held at the Gallagher Estate was much like a den of wild abandon as it launched yesterday.

Even the pouring rain couldn't dissuade the crowds exceeding 500 in number.

And while South Africa ranks in the top ten of global virility stakes as far as the sex surveys report, it's clear we are a nation of spoils. With over 400 stands each providing the most seductive elements to spice up sex lives many could have thrown to the dogs, SexExpo could prove to be the best thing since sex itself.

Though many faces were white and male, it was clear that black men are also coming out of their sex rut. Here, they could attend sex workshops, ogle a pole dancer and try out edible lubricants.

Hopefully, by the time SexExpo closes its doors on Sunday, black women will have grown balls to come and check out what they could put into good use.

For the fainthearted, there are such tantalising titbits like lingerie, come-hither fragrances, sexy but elegant portraits and chocolate body paint.

Doors to the public open from 11am until midnight.