Cashing in on weddings

Gone are the days when women were expected to stay home and not pursue a career of their choice.

Gone are the days when women were expected to stay home and not pursue a career of their choice.

Today young professional women hardly get time to stay at home.

Those who want to get married hardly find time to plan their weddings.

They hire wedding organisers to organise their special day.

The tasks of a wedding organiser include picking the dress for the bride and her bridesmaids, booking venues and ordering all the necessities, negotiating prices and getting other necessary services.

The more money you have for your wedding, the more classy the event, because luxuries such as full-service wedding packages don't come cheap.

Many foreigners are coming to South Africa to tie the knot. Young South Africans who live abroad often return home to get married in their country.

The market is booming and some organisers specialise in overseas clients.

Pam Black, founder of the wedding-organising firm, Celebration House, in Claremont, Cape Town, says she makes a lot of money from overseas clients.

She says during mid-Summer local venues host about 10 weddings each a month. She estimates that about 8000 weddings take place at venues throughout the country during this season.

Depending on the agreement, a wedding organiser assumes the role of a planner, facilitator, mediator, money manager and organiser.

She sets up appointments, sends invitations and records the responses, deals with decorations and arranges the budget. On the wedding day the organiser deals with people and sees to it that the members of both families are happy.

A wedding organiser must:

l Comply strictly with etiquette;

l Manage a budget;

l Pay attention to detail and be creative;

l Be patient and deal with people;

l Stay up to date with latest wedding trends;

l Possess impeccable event management skills;

l Know different wedding cultures and traditions;

l Possess good communication skills and be able to network; and

l Must be able to organise impressive events even with a limited budget.

If you have these traits, consider tapping into the wedding industry.