SA ranks top in Africa for good governance

Waghied Misbach and Sapa

Waghied Misbach and Sapa

South Africa was ranked fifth on an index of good governance in Sub-Saharan countries released by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

The ranking, the Ibrahim Index of African Governance, ranks 48 countries against 58 criteria including levels of corruption, transparency, safety and security, sustainable economic opportunity and human rights. The index was released in London and Cape Town yesterday.

Mauritius was ranked as the number one country with 86,2, Seychelles with 83,1, Botswana 73, Cape Verde 72,9 and South Africa 71,1. Somalia came last on the list with a score of 28,1. Zimbabwe came in at 31st place with a score of 52.

The foundation is the brainchild of Mo Ibrahim, the Sudanese founder of Celtel telecommunications company. The index was drawn up with the help of experts from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Ibrahim will also award R35million to the winner of the Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership on October 22.

South Africa scored 61,1 on safety and security, 75,2 on rule of law, transparency and corruption, 81,1 on participation and human rights, 67,4 on sustainable economic development, and 70,5 on human development.

Below is the the list of the Top 10 in the Ibrahim Index of African Governance:

1. Mauritius 86,2

2. Seychelles 83,1

3. Botswana 73,0

4. Cape Verde 72,9

5. South Africa 71,1

6. Gabon 67,4

7. Namibia 67,0

8. Ghana 66,8

9. Senegal 66,0

10. Sao Tome and Principe 65,3