Limpopo roads claim 10

Khangale Makhado

Khangale Makhado

The Limpopo department of roads and transport yesterday extended its condolences to the families of ten people who died in road accidents over the weekend.

Roads in Limpopo were congested over the long weekend as multitudes descended on the province, while members of the St Engenas Zion Christian Church went to Moria City for their Spring Pilgrimage.

The weekend, according to the department's spokesman Boiki Tsedu, saw 32 accidents which claimed ten lives and left 26 others with serious injuries.

Tsedu said the department viewed the weekend figures as an indication that more work should be done to raise the level of road safety awareness.

"We wish to extend our deepest condolences to the families that lost loved ones. They are in our thoughts during this difficult period. In the same breath, we wish a speedy recovery to all who sustained injuries.

"Although we remain convinced that many of our people are getting our Arrive Alive message, we still find it important to amplify our call for all road users to observe traffic rules," Tsedu said.

He said that while their work of ensuring that there was safety on the roads through the Arrive Alive Campaign was continuing, they believe their efforts could bring better results if road users co-operated with the authorities.

"Our people need to understand that traffic rules are meant to make r safer. Road users who undermine traffic rules do so at their own peril, and unfortunately also at the expense of many other people who become innocent victims," Tsedu said.