Fingers pointed at Mphahlele

Kingdom Mabuza

Kingdom Mabuza

The purging of Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) secretary for finance Chargein Mabaso had completed party presi- dent Letlapa Mphahlele's plan to flush out elements he perceived to be against his leadership, insiders said.

Mabaso was fired last week for his alleged failure to raise funds for the party.

He was also blamed for his inability to develop a strategy to collect levies from party representatives in government.

To tighten his grip on the party, Mphahlele suspended the PAC's constitution and dissolved the entire executive committee during the NEC meeting over the weekend.

"His advisors are misleading him. Some of us were against him standing as president because we knew his limitations in politics. He might have been one of PAC's brightest soldiers but he is a bad politician," said a senior party member.

Earlier this year, Mphahlele wrote to Mabaso and the then PAC national organiser Malesela Ledwaba instructing them to either vacate their positions in the party or take them full-time.

Ledwaba had since defected to a newly-formed party with former PAC deputy president Themba Godi.

Sources alleged that since his takeover as leader of the party from Dr Motsoko Pheko, Mphahlele has targeted former leaders who were re-elected.

"He regarded them as enemies, and is very suspicious of people he found in the executive,' said a source.

When Godi, Ledwaba and Mofihli Likotsi defected to form the African People's Congress, they accused Mphahlele of promoting in-fighting in the PAC.

Senior party member Ahmed Cassim said Mphahlele would convene a press briefing to clear what had been reported.

"Let us wait for comrade Mphahlele," he said.