Treated like being royalty

Khanyisile Nkosi

Khanyisile Nkosi

After driving for almost 30 minutes from Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport to Cycad Lodge in Nelspruit, I was happy that I found the place with ease.

You could, however, easily mistake the lodge for a private residence because of the not so easy to spot signage at the entrance.

Apart from one small sign at the gate, there was no other indication that I was at the right place.

I hesitantly drove through because I was still not sure if I had arrived at my destination.

The place was silent. There were no cars and no people. It was like I had walked into someone's home.

"Maybe the people here will point me to the right direction," I said to myself as I made my way to what looked like the reception office.

A man who introduced himself as Mohammed gave me a warm greeting and welcomed me to Cycad Lodge.

So it was the right place. Mohammed's wife, Shameema, also emerged and gave me a warm smile.

After confirming my reservation, Mohammed asked what I would like to have for breakfast the next morning.

He also wanted to know if I was going to have my meal in the lapa or in my room. I chose the latter.

As I went to my room, I admired the beautiful surroundings. The terrain was spotless and the garden was immaculate. The lighting at the swimming pool gave the area a pleasant view.

My room was impressively spacious. The fully equipped kitchen for those who prefer to cook their own meals, a comfy couch and two armchairs gave the room a homely feel.

I was in the shower the next morning when I heard a gentle knock from a staff member who asked if she could bring me my breakfast.

The excellent customer service of Cycad Lodge made me feel like I was royalty, with the staff at my command.