Japhta lucky to get draw

Bongani Magasela

Bongani Magasela

Marcel Japhta was lucky to get a draw with Tony Mathe at the Westbury Community Hall on Saturday.

Japhta made a disappointing first appearance as a professional fighter in front of some 250 boxing enthusiast who cried their lungs out in an attempt to egg him on to victory over Mathe from Ekurhuleni. The occasion was too big for Japhta who abandoned his usual boxing style and opted for an unnecessary war which left him with a bloodied face.

Mathe seemed to have established a clear points lead over four rounds while Japhta wasted quality time looking for an opportunity to throw his hammer-fisted right that has left seven of his victims from eight fights gasping for air.

It was only his left jab that brought him back into the fight in round five. Japhta's fans were on their toes going for the sixth and final round encouraging him to go for the kill. He responded with furious punches. Some landed while others missed although they seemed enough for judges Tony Nyangiwe, Joe Chaane and Andrew Same whose scoring of 56-56, 57-57 and 57-57 warranted a draw.

Willie Mabasa pulverised Clement Somers to submission over five rounds while Luyanda Jako destroyed Mudtad Magaladze in two minutes and 52 seconds into the first round.

The matches that stood out in terms of clean pugilism were six rounders between Koos Sibiya and Zephania Ntsokolo as well as the one between Thompson Mokwana and Moses Mahase.

Sibiya and Mokwana registered points wins.