Centenarian savoured joys of food

Israel Nkate

Very few families have matriarchs who live to be centenarians.

Last December, the Morapedi family of Photsaneng village, outside Rustenburg in North West, were the envy of their community.

This was when their mother and grandmother celebrated 100 years, marking a life well lived.

But this year the celebrations will not take place because last Thursday Moserwa Morapedi died at her home. While the family and community are mourning her passing, they are also counting their blessings - they had her for so long.

A very popular and likeable old lady, Morapedi was born on Christmas day in 1905.

A staunch member of the Lutheran Church, she and her husband David Morapedi were blessed with three daughters.

This week, one of her grandchildren Eva Morapedi fondly remembered her granny, who loved well-cooked food.

"She wouldn't eat half-cooked meals, especially her rice.

"Though she couldn't see she could tell if the rice wasn't properly cooked. She also liked beef.

"She used to tell me that I'm the best cook.

"She said my meals were well-cooked.

"She used to ask us to cook her favourite meals on Sundays. Days before her death she sang her favourite hymn Ntsamaise Mmoloki tsela e thata thata. She sang it with enthusiasm."

Fellow villagers described her as a very warm person.

Morapedi died last Thursday at the age of 101 and eight months.

She will be buried at the local cemetery on Saturday.