Effluent flows in streets

Riot Hlatshwayo

Riot Hlatshwayo

An outdated sewerage system is spilling faeces onto the streets and into some houses in Thulamahashe township in Mpumalanga, causing a health hazard.

Locals say this has been going on for almost three months

Mantshuntshu Sibuyi, a spokesman for the residents, said they have complained in vain.

Bushbuckridge municipality spokesman, Zondi Mkhabela, said more residential sites were added " to the sewerage system without expanding its capacity and as a result it collapsed".

"What is important is what the municipality has done. We spent R8million in the last financial year trying to address the situation."

Consultants had been appointed to repair the system for a further R8million, he said.

"The complexity of the challenge can't be dealt with in one day but at least we are busy attending to it."