Serving crisis hits outlet

Themba Molefe

Themba Molefe

Each time the bus from Zimbabwe stops outside the KFC outlet in Musina, manager Johannes Mahafa starts to panic.

He knows that his staff of 16 will be at it non-stop until all have been served.

Mahafa has been the outlet's manager for the past 10 years. Though he is happy that they are raking in the profits, he pines for the good old slow days.

"The rush from Zimbabweans coming through the Beit Bridge border gate heightened at the beginning of the year.

"Since then, on a normal day we have been serving up to 1000 customers. This is a crisis," Mahafa said.

Another problem was that two of the four tills in the outlet were out of order, which caused more delays in serving the hungry customers.

"We cook the chicken every minute. So we are compelled to have a fresh supply in stock all the time," he said.

Mahafa said the locals seemed not to bother buying KFC because it appeared the Zimbabweans had taken over his outlet.

He said they didn't buy huge quantities though but the smaller meals such as the R14,90 Streetwise Two.