Dear Madam/ Sir

Dear Madam/ Sir

My answer to your question is a simple "yes". Please allow me to expand a bit. I am surprised that the media is so obsessed with Zimbabwe. Just like "his master's voice", most of the media, which happen to be owned by whites and their parrots like the Mail & Guardian, continue to be hypocritical to the level of being hypnotised by white lies. Sowetan has not escaped from this problem. We continue to hear our fellow African brothers literally "singing for their supper" when they write about African politics. Look at the Sunday Times and just listen to 702 Talk Radio. I have the following points to make to say to emphasise my viewpoint:

1) If President Robert Mugabe is that bad, why is Ian Smith still in Zimbabwe enjoying his twilight years while Tsvangirai is running around like a headless chicken;

2) If the US's quiet diplomacy is working with Israel, what's wrong with ours in Zimbabwe?

3) There is hullabaloo about Africans streaming into South Africa from Zimbabwe. A number of whites came to South Africa in 1980, and no one, including Sowetan, raised the alarm;

4) We all know that Zimbabweans are being used as pawns in this propaganda, while parrots like Ncube (Mail & Guardian) and Tsvangirai are having a field day;

5) When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990, he was driven out immediately, but 50 years on, Israel is still in Palestine;

6) All propagandists are conveniently forgetting the Lancaster House Agreement; and

7) As Mugabe bravely fights for his people, he is vilified by enemies of his state.

Disgruntled African