Godi insults true Pan-Africanism

Mafemane Maringa's letter "APC a new order to PAC" on Friday refers.

Mafemane Maringa's letter "APC a new order to PAC" on Friday refers.

Pan-Africanism did not produce Themba Godi, the Bushbuckridge border dispute did. He has never stood for the Pan-Africanism that Robert Sobukwe embraced, lived and died for.

A true Pan-Africanist, faced with the discomfort of the stifling of debates, would have handed back the seat of the party. If floor crossing was not part of the South African political landscape, Godi would not have formed the APC. He did it to keep his salary and possibly to keep the Scopa position.

Sobukwe was prophetic with regard to people like Godi. They are not to be trusted. The cause of Pan- Africanism will expose them. History will judge them as careerists who spared neither strength nor effort to diminish the voice of heroes like Zeph Mothopeng and Tiger Masemola.

To all those who live for Pan-Africanism, the steadfast truth remains: "Real leaders of men do not come forward offering to lead. They show the way and when it has been found to lead to victory, they accept it as a matter of cause and allegiance of those who have followed."

Godi's Pan-Africanism is just a farce and can never replace what our ancestors lived and perished for.

Fezile Wetes, Johannesburg