Kamte in swinging form for Origins

Meshack Motloung

Meshack Motloung

After registering his first win in the Seekers Travel Pro-Am, James Kamte is ready for the Origins of Golf Tour final at the end of the month.

This event will be played for the first time at the St Francis Links in Port Elizabeth in two weeks' time.

Kamte, the leading black golfer on the order of merit, buoyed by his first win at Dainfern Country Club at the weekend, said he would go for it because he knew the course well.

"It's a new course and I've been a member there, and it is where a grew up. I have played almost all my golf there and I stand a chance of winning," he said.

"Anything is possible and this event is the one I have to win at all costs.

"My major aim is to be the number one in the country. At the moment I'm ranked 15th on the order of merit but I firmly believe that I will make it to the top soon," he said.

Kamte, who will be jetting out to Europe on Saturday to take part in the Challenge Tour, said he hopes to be at his best when he returns.

His priority is the European Challenge in which he started playing last year. Kamte is ranked 23rd and will be fighting for 20th or 19th spot to get his European card.

"If I fail to make the 20th mark in the Europe Challenge, then I will go to the Tour School to start from scratch, so that is not what I want," he said.