Netball mini World Cup

Linda Moreotsene

Linda Moreotsene

The much-anticipated netball mini World Cup for schools will take place in Dalmondeor, Soweto on Friday.

Thirty-two schools from 16 Johannesburg Central and South districts will be participating in the tournament, which has created excitement as it comes hot on the heels of Women's Month.

At the draw, Netball South Africa development officer Portia Dimu highlighted the plight of netball in the country.

"Despite the sport's popularity, we do not enjoy the same sponsorship deals and media coverage as football, cricket and rugby," Dimu said.

The tournament takes place every four years during the World Cup year and it was last held in 2003 at the Elkah Stadium in Rockville, Soweto. Dalmondeor were the winners, and will therefore represent New Zealand, who are current world champions.

"This is a very good concept and as NSA we would like to applaud those who brought it forth. It raises awareness about the game at schools and even makes people aware that there is a world tournament taking place," Dimu said.

"We were proud to have the high commissioner of New Zealand, Malcolm McGoun, present at the draw and donating a playing kit to the school. We also had officials from the US and the UK, who saw fit to engage our schools, and therefore the community, in this way."

Motsaneng will represent Wales, Zimbabele Malawi, Robertsham Botswana, Tietso Bekezela Australia, Rewlatch Trinidad and Tobago, Rekgutile Samoa, Nkholi Scotland, Zola Jamaica, Kholwani Fiji and Hlakaniphani will represent South Africa .