'He will not be allowed back in church even if he repented'

McKeed Kotlolo

McKeed Kotlolo

A Mpumalanga Sunday school teacher and handyman facing at least 19 rape charges of minors, has been fired from the church.

Sello Mofokeng, 34, of Extension 22 at Enkaneni informal settlement, Embalenhle, was handed over to Embalenhle police by the wife of the Tekoa Mission's priest last month and has since appeared in court.

This followed investigations by Florence de la Guerre who became suspicious when she saw Mofokeng getting out of a car with a 10-year-old pupil. De la Guerre was transporting them home after Sunday school.

She said it was strange because such practice was not allowed in the mission.

After talking to the little girl, she confirmed her suspicions.

She approached Mofokeng, who allegedly confirmed having sexually abused at least 15 girls and four boys between the ages of two years and 14 years.

She said there was no way he would be allowed back to the church "even if he strongly believed that he would repent".

She said it was a terrible thing to take another Christian to the police, but a crime had been committed and he had to face the consequences of his deeds.

De la Guerre, who described Mofokeng as a person trusted by the children and members of the mission, said everyone at the mission, including the victims, were praying for him .

Mofokeng also worked as a handyman on the priest's farm. He was also a translator at the mission.

He stayed in the tiny corrugated iron structure used as a church in the informal settlement.

De la Guerre said it was in this room "where I suspect the rapes took place".

In the estimated seven years she had known Mofokeng he was "an absolute example of a true Christian to everyone who knew him. Everybody trusted him - parents and the children."

He was the mission's photographer and "he knows the Bible better than many pastors.

"He helped me with our Bible school as a translator and I always felt so privileged to have him."

De la Guerre said she recognised signs of depression in the man during December last year.