Entrepreneurs get tools, expertise they need

The public and private sectors are joining forces to help small businesses create jobs and alleviate poverty.

Many government and non-governmental institutions are also stepping up to help.

Take the Gauteng Enterprise Propeller for example. GEP is a provincial agency established with the support of the Department of Finance and Economic Affairs, to provide financial and non-financial support.

The agency provides business support, technical assistance, fact sheets and business tools to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Its enterprise support programme targets businesses in the manufacturing, service and commercial sectors.

GEP full-time specialists or elected service providers, provide entrepreneurs with information they need. This assistance is offered on a sliding subsidy scale.

Each entrepreneur is allocated a relationship or sector specialist. After the first meeting, the specialist conducts a feasibility and problem diagnosis and comes up with the solution. The specialist monitors the programme to ensure it is smoothly implemented.

Entrepreneurs are monitored and guided until they achieve satisfactory performance.

The businessman stands to gain:

l Valuable experience and knowledge at subsidised rates;

l Information, advice and guidance on business issues;

l Access to skills and capabilities normally available only to big businesses;

l Personal service from GEP's relationship managers;

l Improved business efficiency;

l Free business tools and fact sheets on the GEP website;

l Regular on-site service from specialists.

For more information, visit www.gep.co.za.