City suffers water scarcity

Khangale Makhado

Khangale Makhado

The Polokwane Municipality yesterday called on residents to save water.

The call by the municipality, which has in the past experienced water shortages that resulted in serious rationing, comes after the city experienced increased demand for water from its reserves.

The high demand could be attributed to the rising tempera- tures in the province since last weekend and the increased watering of gardens.

"In order to avoid water shortages, residents of Polokwane are requested to use this resource mini- mally and refrain from watering their gardens as well as using hose pipes to wash their cars," pleaded Polokwane city spokesman Thato Matsoku.

Matsoku said, however, that water restrictions were still in place and would be strictly enforced with regard to those who failed to comply.

"The Dap Naude pipeline is still out of commission as it is being upgraded to improve the water supply to Polokwane."

The pipeline is expected to be completed in December and will supply 15 megalitres of water to the water-starved city.

"The misuse of water even by the smallest percentage of Polokwane residents could result in future shortages of water," warned Matsoku.